C1: Art and My Life

Nelson Dinh

Art 110

Glenn Zucmann

April 28, 2019


Paragraph 1: What is art?

Paragraph 2: How has my art knowledge evolved over the semester?

Paragraph 3:  My perspective/interests in art?

Paragraph 4: My career goals in art?

Art and My Life

A lot of people have different interpretations on what is art, but for me personally, art is something that brings the creativity out of you. We can express art on anything from paper to computer to nature. There are so many forms of art in this world that there is no real definition of the word art.

My art knowledge evolved over the semester enormously because visiting the art museums and having a conversation with the artists gave me a better understanding on how to create art. Some of the artists that I have talked to have similar interests and some of them have different interests, but the main point is that art has a wide variety of subjects to talk about. There would be times when I was able to relate to an artist perspective, and other times I would think “This artist is on a 3rd dimensional level.” My art knowledge before going into this semester was that you have to be the next Michelangelo or you have to be really good at drawing to be artistic. That was my view on art because in school, none of my teachers really taught me art. My knowledge now is that art can be anything you put your mind, thoughts, and creativity to. Whether it is on paper or computer, you’re creating something that your mind is speaking.

Now, my perspective on art is that I really love and enjoy it. Being creative makes you different from other people, and it just makes you stand out from everyone. If we lived in a world that everyone are alike and have the same interests, this world would look black and white. I feel like being creative is what makes us human, instead of operating like robots. Art is a skill that you have to master, you can use art in making jokes, creating a drawing or painting, on your essay, or even organizing your room. Like I said earlier, anything can be art. People don’t even know they have art skills because we are so caught up with other stuff that we don’t take the time to think about how creative we are. Being organized is an art skill because if we think about it, not a lot of people I know can clean the room and put the furnitures, desks, and etc together in an organize matter.

My career goals in art is to be get better at my arts and craft in videography, photography, and editing. I enjoy music so much that I find making music videos is a passion. I hope one day, a famous rapper that I listen to can see my art work, so that we can get together and collaborate on a music video. I would never think I would get into art because I just thought art is drawing and painting. But as time advances, graphic designs, editing, and photography also turns into a form of art. At the end of the day, I just want to get better at my crafts to elevate to the top. The main reason why I keep doing what I do is because I have gotten good feedbacks from my friends and family that I can’t stop now. Be Creative!!!

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