B5 Graffiti Writing

This was my first experience with spray painting and I find it really fun. Spray painting is much easier than finger painting to me because with spray painting I was able to express more art and color with it. Even though I couldn’t find the actual spray paint bottle at target, I was able to make my own spray paint. I bought one of the acrylic paint and an empty water bottle. I put some paint in the bottle and fill it up with water after and it worked fine.

B5 UAM Experience

This was my first time visiting the University Art Museum and it was a good experience because I got to see a lot of amazing arts on the wall. When we entered the museum, we were able to explore around for 10 mins before the tour guide. My favorite art pieces are the pictures on the wall of cars and low riders in the dark. I am a big fan of low riders since I was a kid and seeing that makes me want to purchase one in the near future. During the tour guide, Christina Algeria, who was giving us a tour, was so kindly explaining to us each of the art pieces that were presented. She told us about the history of the UAM, and in year from now, they are going to expand the museum. My goal is to be able to present my art in the museum one day. Awesome to have a good resource like the art museum at our school!!!

B3 Finger Painting

Nelson Dinh

Art 110

Mon-Wed @ 3:30

My experience with finger painting was fun like how I planned it out. It was easier than I expected because using a paint brush is harder to control comparing to using your finger. The experience of making the painting with no subject was inspiring because I was able to express my mind and creativity on the blank paper. My painting compared to the paintings that I seen at the museum is not as good as theirs. I find that painting and drawing are fun art activities to do, but I am not skilled at it.

B2 Design Thinking

The thing that I’ll always do with my life is to make Youtube videos because I feel like that’s the best platform to post your content and also earn money from doing so. What I’m doing right now is shooting and editing music videos and from there I post my content on Youtube. I’ve seen a lot of music videos blow up from unknown artists you never heard of before. Our technologies have advanced over the past few years where artists and videographers are being discovered by celebrities and I hope to achieve that goal one day.

If the thing that I am currently doing disappeared, I would start learning how to code because jobs are in need of hiring engineers now. I majored in computer science my first semester, but it was taking up too much of my time where I didn’t have time to edit my videos. If I was financially secured, I would open up a business to make more money. I want to help those that are in need of money like charity and people that are homeless.